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1999 Ford Taurus LX 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: why does my car become sluggish after i have driven it for awhile?

1 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 4/10/2014

2005 Ford Taurus SE 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: Bad Gas Mileage - What should I do?

1 Answers Engine - by E. B. Glover - Last updated 3/27/2014

2000 Ford Taurus SE 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: wer e is the O2 sensor its on bay 1 section 1

1 Answers Engine - by tony - Last updated 3/21/2011

2006 Ford Taurus SE 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: Does the computer monitor the rear catalytic converter on a 2006 taurus or only the two front cats?

1 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 3/29/2014

1996 Ford Taurus GL 6Cyl 3.00L

Q: Why is there a drag on the front brakes after we just put on new?

1 Answers Engine - by Jack - Last updated 3/15/2014

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